Master Blanket Purchase Order PO-16-1080-OSD03-SRC3-00000005904

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Purchase Order Number: PO-16-1080-OSD03-SRC3-00000005904 Release Number: 0 Short Description: FAC97 Equipment Rental
Status: 3PS - Sent Purchaser: Sorraia Tavares Receipt Method: Quantity
Fiscal Year: 2016 PO Type: Blanket Minor Status:
Organization: Operational Services Division
Department: OSD03 - OSD - Strategic Sourcing Location: SRC3 - Sourcing Group 3 Type Code: Statewide Contract
Alternate ID: Entered Date: 10/01/2015 10:14:39 AM Control Code:
Days ARO: 0 Retainage %: 0.00% Discount %: 0.00%
Print Dest Detail: If Different
Catalog ID: Release Type: Direct Release Pcard Enabled: No
Contact Instructions: Sorraia Tavares, Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager | Address: One Ashburton Place Room 1017 Boston, MA 02108 | Phone: 617-720-3304 | Email: Tax Rate: Actual Cost: $0.00
Special Instructions:
Agency Attachments: FAC97 Contract User Guide 7.22.19~1.docx
Herc Rentals FAC97 Gold Pricing for all users 5.9.19 to 10.20.19.pdf
Herc Rentals FAC97 exclusive Platinum Pricing 5.9.19 to 10.20.19.pdf
FAC97 Herc Rentals Contract Information 5.12.17.pptx
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Primary Vendor Information & PO Terms
Vendor: 00001920 - Herc Rentals Inc.
Kelly Wyatt
27500 Riverview Center Blvd
ATTN: Sales Operation
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
Phone: (239)301-1197
FAX: (239)301-1198
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Master Blanket/Contract Vendor Distributor List
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Herc Rentals Inc. Email Active
Master Blanket/Contract Controls
Master Blanket/Contract Begin Date: 10/01/2015 Master Blanket/Contract End Date: 10/20/2019
Cooperative Purchasing Allowed: Yes
Organization Department Dollar Limit Dollars Spent to Date Minimum Order Amount
ALL ORG - Organization Umbrella Master Control AGY - Agency Umbrella Master Control $0.00 $149,665.15 $0.00
Item Information   
Print Sequence # 1.0, Item # 1:   Aerator, Aerial Equipment, Aerial Lifts, Air Compressor and Tools, Air Conditioner, Air Moving Equipment, Air Tool, ARC Welder, Auger, Backhoe, Balloon Lamp, Balloon Light, Bandsaw, Blower, Boom Lift, Breaker, Brush Chipper, Bucket Lift, Bucket Loader, Bucket Truck, Bulldozer, Cart, Chain Saw, Chiller, Chipping Hammer, Chop Saw, Circular Saw, Clay Digger, Compact Track Loader, Compaction Equipment, Compressor, Concrete and Masonry, Concrete Bucket, Concrete Cutoff Saw, Concrete Mixer, Concrete Saw, Cooler, Cooling and Heating Equipment, Crane, Dehumidifier, Demolition Equipment, Disaster Response, Dolly, Dozer, Drill, Dump, Dump Trailer, Earth Moving Equipment, Earthmoving, Electrical Equipment, Equipment Rental, Excavator, Floor and Vacuum Equipment, Forced Air Heater, Forklift, Front End Loader, Fuel Tank, Generator, Generator and Light Towers, Heater, Landscaping Equipment, Lift, Light Balloon Lamp, Light Single, Light Tower, Lighting Equipment, Loader, Log Splitter, Masonry Equipment, Mast Lift, Material Handling, Mini Excavator, Mower, Negative Air Machine, Painting, Pallet Lift, Personnel Lifts, Pickup Truck, Piping, Planer, Plasma Cutter, Plate Compactor, Platform Lift, Pole Pruner, Portable Generator, Post Driver, Pump Vac Assist, Pumps, Rammer, Reciprocating Saw, Rivet Buster, Rock Drill, Roller, Saw, Scabbler, Scaler, Scissor Lift, Skidsteer, Sludgemaster, Sod Cutter, Sprayer, Straightmast, Stump Grinder, Sweeper, Tamper, Telehandler, Tiller, Trackmachine, Tractor, Trailer, Transformer, Trench Roller, Trencher, Trenching, Truck Spreader, Trucks and Trailers, Vehicles, Vibrator, Washing, Washing Equipment, Welder, Welding, Wheel Loader 3PS - Sent
U N S P S C Code: 24-10-00
   Material handling machinery and equipment
Receipt Method Qty Unit Cost UOM Discount % Total Discount Amt. Tax Rate Tax Amount Total Cost
Quantity 1.0 $0.00 EA - Each 0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
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