Bid Solicitation: BD-19-1411-CAPPR-LOC1-88784
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Bid Number: BD-19-1411-CAPPR-LOC1-88784 Description: AP2401-C1 Bid Opening Date: 06/07/2023 11:00:00 AM
Purchaser: Samantha Baker Organization: Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
Department: CAPPROG - Capital Programs Location: LOC1 - Logan Office Center 1
Fiscal Year: 19 Type Code: Allow Electronic Quote: Yes
Alternate Id:   Required Date: Available Date :  05/17/2023 10:48:42 AM
Info Contact: Luciana Burdi Bid Type: OPEN Informal Bid Flag: No
Purchase Method: Open Market
Pre Bid Conference: A pre-bid conference will be held in the Capital Programs Department on May 25, 2023 at 11:00 AM. For a complete listing of the project please go to the Massport Bid Express website:
Bulletin Desc: Remove existing hydrants, gate valves and gate valve boxes where directed. Furnish and install new hydrants, gate valves, gate valve boxes, ductile iron piping and appurtenances where directed. Provide bollards for hydrant protection where directed. Sawcut,Trenching and backfilling, including compaction to Massport Standards. Placement of hot mix asphalt and/or cement concrete pavements at trenches. Sealing pavement at trenches and re-applying pavement markings.
Ship-to Address: Luciana Burdi
One Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128
Phone: (617)568-5950
Bill-to Address: Luciana Burdi
One Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128
Phone: (617)568-5950
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Item # 1:   ( 72-10  -  00 )   AP2401-C1 Select Hydrant & Gate Valve Replacement Term
U N S P S C Code: 72-10-00
   Building construction and support and maintenance and repair
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