Bid Solicitation: BD-21-2018-CNB-CNB3-60758
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Bid Number: BD-21-2018-CNB-CNB3-60758 Description: Request for Information: CNB Connector App Bid Opening Date: 04/30/2021 05:00:00 PM
Purchaser: Adriana Leon Organization: Cannabis Control Commission
Department: CNB - Cannabis Control Commission Location: CNB3 - Union Station
Fiscal Year: 21 Type Code: NS Allow Electronic Quote: Yes
Alternate Id:   Required Date: Available Date :  04/07/2021 05:00:00 PM
Info Contact: No phone calls please Bid Type: OPEN Informal Bid Flag: No
Purchase Method: Open Market
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Ship-to Address: Adriana Leon
2 Washington Square, 2nd Floor
Worcester, MA 01604
Phone: (774)415-0200
Bill-to Address: Adriana Leon
50 Franklin Street, Suite 401
Boston, MA 02110
Phone: (774)415-0200
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File Attachments: Questions and Answers for RFI
RFI CNB Connector App
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Amendment # Amendment Date Amendment Note
1 04/09/2021 01:34:38 PM 4/9/21: Dates corrected in RFI document on p. 6: Questions are due 4/16/21 and responses to the RFI are due 4/30/21. Attachment File Changes: Header 1. File 'RFI Connector App': File 'RFI Connector App' deleted . 2. File 'RFI CNB Connector App': File 'RFI CNB Connector App' added .
2 04/22/2021 05:17:32 PM Answers to questions submitted by 4/16 at 5 PM posted. Please see Q&A document. Reminder to all interested vendors: this RFI is issued solely for the purpose of obtaining information. Attachment File Changes: Header 1. File 'Questions and Answers for RFI': File 'Questions and Answers for RFI' added .
Item Information
Item # 1:   ( 43-23  -  26 )   The Cannabis Control Commission (the Commission) is soliciting relevant information regarding the procurement of an application, "app" development, or web design services. The Commission seeks to engage vendors to (i) build a platform (the Platform) to facilitate the distribution of job opportunities in the cannabis industry across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to increase the hiring of individuals disproportionately impacted by the "War on Drugs" and marijuana prohibition and (ii) estimate the costs associated with building, hosting, and maintaining the Platform.
U N S P S C Code: 43-23-26
   Industry specific software
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